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It seems like all I ever hear about are the bad things going on around me. What’s wrong with the world these days? Everyone is killing eachother and hurting eachother. Why is there so much hate in the heartWhere is the love 1world? There’s no reason to treat eachother with disrespect and be so hurtful.

In my school I keep hearing about fights and drama. I don’t get why some people get a thrill out of hurting others. People just need to learn to embrace their differences! If you don’t like someone just stay away from them. Why do we have to torment eachother and make life miserable? For some people it seems impossible to get along with people and they are always in fights. It’s easy for me… I come to school with a possitive attitude and hang out with people who appreciate me and my values. If you go up to someone who doesn’t like you or you don’t like them there are obviously going to be problems.

Even though it seems like everything is bad you have to hang on to the good things. Even in the darkest times there is always a positive side. I try to look for the good things in life no matter how small they are. I like to think about all the things I can’t imagine living without that others don’t have. It may seem like you have nothing, but there is always someone struggling and hurting much more.

Suicide has become very popular among people all over the world…. I just can’t understand how things could be so hard you could believe death is your best option. If someone you know, even someone you see in the halls at school, is stuggling you should try and help them. That could have been you….put yourself in their situation. Lets prevent sucide and love life and eachother!! <3

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“Lovin life! <3”

  1. April 27th, 2011 at 1:17 am       Ms. Tatiana Says:

    It’s great to hear your optimism! The world definiely needs more of the tolerance you describe.

    Having recently had someone close to me become suicidal and even be hospitalized for it, I can understand a little more of what it is that drives people to that point. And you are right to suggest that if you see someone unhappy, you should reach out to them. Even a friendly hello and a little talking can brighten someone else’s day immensely. The sadness of the world can take over some people more easily than others, so if you’ve got a ray of sunshine to offer, shine on!

    And keep up the great blogging!

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