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My digital footprint


digital-footprint1My digital footprint is something I haven’t thought much about until recently, but after watching a youtube video about how much of an impact it can have on your life I have given it much more thought. I realized I have signed up for a lot of websites and posted things that could trace to my exact location. Ever since I was little I have been giving out information to subscribe as a member of several websites such as Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail, Edmodo, Skype, Youtube, and of course Edublogs. When you become a member of most websites you have to give out personal information such as your name, country/address, phone number, age, gender, email address, and many others. When filling out online applications there are certain things marked with an * that don’t have to be filled out but most of the time I fill them out anyway. I guess it has never occurred to me in the past that it makes it easier to track me.

I googled my name and town to see how easy it is to find me on a simple search engine. I found that I am included on a state senators webpage, a news bulletin for the hospital in my town, notes from a city council meeting, a document for the board of equalization for my county, a press release for Nebraska Scholars academy (a summer camp I went to), a website for Prudential Spirit of Community awards, a press release from Nebraska Legislator, a 4-H website, a state quilting website, a website for my grandpa’s high-school that lists my whole family, and a link to my facebook page. I think its really scary how big my digital footprint is!!

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“My digital footprint”

  1. April 30th, 2011 at 9:30 pm       jacobmiddleton Says:

    wow i never would have thought that it could be so easy to get all that infromation from someone from just having an account on something.


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