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Brain Teaser!! :)


I found this brain teaser on brainden.com and thought u would enjoy trying to figure out the answer! Good luck!!

My father told me before he died,that he placed his gold coins in the box number 8 down in our basement, and he gave me its key .He said to me:
There are nine boxes in our basement,they were numbered from 1 to 9,,,,but I changed each number according to special procedure,inorder to prevent anybody to steal my money….and now I am going to tell you this procedure…it is as…foll…o..w…s…(and he didn`t say anything more…he died :angry: ).I went down to our basement,and I found nine boxes scattered here and there,on each box I found a number,I worte them down,,here are the numbers:
Now I have to use this key only once,,,but which box was number 8?
can you help me? :help:
if yes…tell me which number originates from number 8….and…WHY?
Note: all the boxes have the same shape,weight(may be the others were filled with stones :D

investing in gold2

ANSWER!!! The answer to this riddle is 42…Did you figure out why? When you write out the number forty two its the only one that has 8 letters! Hope you enjoyed this challenge 🙂

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“Brain Teaser!! :)”

  1. April 7th, 2011 at 5:34 pm       Haley Says:

    Of course you know me. It took me like a million tries to figure this out!(: haha I kinda sorta maybe cheated and looked at the end. Then I figured it out but you know…!!(: haha anyways I like this riddle it is pretty challenging and I am pretty sure that if you didn’t put the answer I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep for the next week I would stay up trying to figure it out! Anyways nice riddle!(:

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