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My Passion


Music is my passion. I love playing instruments and making music because I feel like its the best way to express how I feel. I play the clarinet, saxophone, and electric guitar. I’ve been

no_musicplaying the clarinet the longest out of the three. I started it in the 5th grade and I play it in concert band and marching band at my school. I like playing in concert band because its very rewarding to work hard on a piece of music and then show it off at a performance. Marching band was a new challenge for me at the start of this school year. You have to think about so much more as your playing when you march. Everyone in the band has to look the same or your score will be docked by a lot.

I started playing saxophone a year ago and I play that in my schools jazz band. I like playing jazz music because its not as proper. I like swinging the music and not having to worry about being as perfect as I’m playing.

I got my electric guitar about a month ago so I don’t really know much about playing it yet but its been a fun new challenge to work on playing it so far. I think it will be really cool to play classic rock songs on my guitar and I can’t wait until I know more about it.

I also love listening to many different types of music. I like pop, rock, hip-hop, alternative, classic rock, and country. I love music because I like being able to relate to lyrics and express my feelings through what I’m listening to. My music always has to be loud!! I love rocking out to a song to take my mind off of the world around me.

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“My Passion”

  1. March 8th, 2011 at 10:27 pm       imaginationnn Says:

    That really great Jaden,
    I loe music too, but hip hop and country music is mostly my favrite.
    comment back thank you.

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